The Scissors of the Mind

These are unique times we live in, challenging times, seemingly unpredictable times.  We are given information, data, and predictions of what the future will look like as we emerge from the effects of a worldwide pandemic.  The term “new normal” is being used by many to point to some vague new way life will be or become.


It is important that we remember the law of consciousness rules, what gets your attention gets you, and that all things created move from the inner to the outer.  Whatever is conceived and believed can be achieved.  To conceive requires the use of imagination to create the vision of life you want to hold for yourself going forward.  Imagination is the scissors of the mind and a powerful tool we’ve been given.  It is a gift from God to be used wisely.


Albert Einstein stated; “Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited.  Imagination encircles the world.”  Currently we are receiving data and knowledge about what lies ahead for the individual, the nation, and the world.  We are getting lots of information from external sources with more to come.  As Einstein knows and suggests, imagination, the inner working of consciousness, is more important than what is fed to us from the outside and can be limiting.  He is not suggesting to hide your head in the sand and ignore knowledge, nor am I.   Health and the economy seem to be the two biggest topics we keep hearing about, mostly in negative terms.  We should follow the suggestions from leading healthy care professionals, but be mindful of what we are mentally accepting regarding financial perspectives that may be limiting and shut the door of infinite possibilities.


This is no time to think small or in limitation.  You are the soul of magnitude and of an Infinite God whose one true nature is good.  Good hasn’t gone away.  It has only gone out of focus.  Let us not lose focus in what and where out attention is directed.


Wherever you are, God Is!


Life Is Meant To Be Good!

The world is hungry for oneness. One + One delivers a throught-provoking message that celebrates our differences amidst the recognition that we are all somehow connected through Spirit.

Deepak Chopra M.D. , Author - You are the Universe

Deepak Chopra M.D. ,
Howard Caesar takes us to the heart of every individuals’ spiritual journey. “In One + One Is One, Howard Caesar takes us to the heart of every individuals’ spiritual journey. Rich with stories and examples, he reminds us that oneness is our true heritage and calling.”

Rev. Iyanla Vanzant, Host: Iyanla, Fix My Life

Rev. Iyanla Vanzant,
One + One Is One focuses on the most fundamental fact of our existence:  that we are one. Within that truth lies every answer to every problem, and Caesar beautifully articulates how to apply it in our lives.

Marianne Williamson,

Marianne Williamson,
In One + One Is One, Howard Caesar generously shares skillful transformative practices, fruits of his many years as a spiritual teacher. I encourage you to read these pages slowly and mindfully, to take their practices to heart, letting them guide and bless your own unique path to oneness.

 Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder, Agape International Spiritual Center and author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning

 Michael Bernard Beckwith,
I have known the author for over 35 years. This book has the power to transform your life in amazing ways and ultimately transform our world. This is a must read for anyone who cares about Life in the 21st century. 

Mary Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist

Mary Morrissey,
If you are seeking genuine spiritual growth, you must read One + One Is One. If you are seeking to champion an emerging world, instead of merely fighting the current one, you must read One + One Is One. Howard Caesar is a spiritual giant, and his powerful and timely book offers us an essential blueprint for transforming our lives and blessing our world.

Dr. Roger Teel, Author and Spiritual Leader

Dr. Roger Teel,
A must read book. One + One Is One has the potential to shift our collective consciousness for the better and create a more spiritually-connected world.

James Van Praagh, Spiritual Teacher and Medium

James Van Praagh,
This vibrant, potent book of hard won experience and wonderfully evocative wisdom. This book is testament to the revelation that we are God Stuff incarnate in biodegradable space-time suits. What Howard Caesar has given us is the key to unlock the truth of our nature–that we are inseparable from the One. What is thrilling in this work is the ways in which we are led to discover the implications of this Oneness for our everyday lives. Herein we move from lostness to gathering foundness, from despair to higher destiny. And, perhaps, best of all, that our journey in this life is ultimately about exploration into God.  

Jean Houston, Ph.D. , Author, The Wizard of Us

Jean Houston, Ph.D. ,

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Life is ment to be good